Welcome to Lviv Institute of Economy and Tourism

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Tourismis an effective way to appreciate human values.Itis a particular kind ofhuman activity thatmotivates people to explore potential tourist resources of the world.Studying theexperienceof the global economy, we affirmthat tourismasa branch of economyand scientific knowledgeis the most effectivesource ofmaterial and spiritualdevelopment of society.

In the twenty-firstcentury,three-quarters ofthe populationof developedeconomiesisinvolvedin the social sphere, includingtourism industry. This is agood perspectivefor the successfulemploymentof expertsand professionalsin tourism.

Well-defined areas, directions of study and specializations in our instituteprovides graduates withextensivepractical andacademic freedomincareeremployment that allows to holdpositionin touristinfrastructure: tourism study experts, tour operators, travel agents,hotel and restaurantmanagers, economists, analystsand experts incommodity, customsinspectors, accountants, financiers, process-engineers, etc.

Studying inLIETyou will createcompetitive advantagesamong graduatesincareer development, and you willbesuccessful.Scientific-methodical commission of the service sector,along withtourismsubcommitteeofMinistry of Education in Ukrainehas identifiedtraining forthe tourism industry(by type): geography departmentsof universities (according to the following aspects of tourism:Local Historyof country (local land study)andcountries study), higher sport educational establishments(forsport tourism) and others. For the development ofbusinessaspectsuniversitiesshould havea traininghotel, restaurant, travel agencies, etc.

LvivState Institute of Economics and Tourism prepares professionals to run business in tourism sector (managers of hotels, restaurants, tour operators, travel agents, process-engineers, accountants and economists for the hotel and restaurant business, inspectors of customs clearance, etc.)

"Businessstarts withscience!"

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Welcome to Lviv Institute of Economy and Tourism!


Igor Bochan,

Rector, Professor, Doctor of Economics, academician of Academy of Higher School of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine.


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