Відкрите заняття з іноземної мови за професійним спрямуванням \"The European Heritage Days\" XVII Youth Festival of the tourist song \"Indian Summer – 2015\" Hiking to Devil\'s rocks Excursion and educational event for the students of the first course on network \"LOKAL\" institutions. Scientific seminar \"Accounting and financial support of the activity of tourism enterprises\" «Modern higher education in Ukraine - the collapse or progress? Myths and Realities» The Public Diplomacy Forum The creative legacy of Mykhailo Verbytskyi «Святковий стіл різдв’яно-новорічного обряду: давні звичаї та традиції харчування» Participation of LIET in Lviv international forum tof ourism and hospitality - 2014 International Tourism Day Congratulations to all on the Day of Knowledge! 2014 Graduation ceremony in LIET Presentation of the graduates of the Accounting and Economics Faculty VI UKRAINIAN SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE Scientific-practical conference The second stage of the students’ scientific works competition “Hotel and restaurant business” direction. Monograph’s presentation “Abstinent Ukraine – our delightful future” “Days of foreign countries” in Lviv Institute of Economics and Tourism (Indonesia and Georgia) Security of hotel and restaurant complexes – a guarantee of their effective management. “Hospitality industry: worldwide experience” “Days of foreign countries” in LIET (Egypt and Turkey) Days of foreign countries in LIET (Brazil and Mexico)

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